Jokker CARDS
Jokker CARDS in red and blue

Originally designed and illustrated playing cards with Jokker typeface.

Each pack contains 54 cards. 52 standard playing cards and 2 joker cards to complement the standard four suits. Suitable for games such as Poker and Contract Bridge. Combination of the two decks (108 cards) can be used to play games such as Canasta and Rummy (“Žolík” in Czech and Slovak).

Designed with love for all gatherings of our family and friends.

Available in red and blue colours.

Font in use: Jokker
Graphic Design: Marcello Jacopo Biffi
Illustration: Pietro Mazza
Art Direction: Martin Vácha, Andrea Vacovská
Photography: Jakub Cabalka (Puf studio), Michaela Sidorová
Production: Andrea Vacovská

5.8 cm
9 cm
1.9 cm
No. of cards
Koehler playing card board

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