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Displaay® is an independent type foundry and design studio founded by Martin Vácha in 2016 and based in Prague, Czech Republic. The foundry is primarily focused on retail and custom typefaces. We have numerous collaborators around the world.

Martin has focused on type design continually since 2008. His experience began during his first year of studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague when he became excited about the idea of creating his own, unique typefaces for specific projects, and he has continued with this obsession until now. He is open-minded, admires simplicity, strong ideas and distinctive typography. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

All typefaces are available exclusively through this website. This allows us to provide optimum customer service, licensing control and the option to supply updates if necessary.

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Free Trials

Trial files contain fonts in a reduced version. This means you can sketch with latin upper & lower cases, numbers, basic punctuation and stylistic sets, no kerning and only selected glyphs are available (the complete set will come with the Retail version). Trial files comes in OTF format (if you need any other please contanct us).

This option allows you to test the fonts on your computer and integrate them into your own designs for non-commercial use. So not for any public showcase only for your internal tests. We recommend you to use the Lab trials with the Adobe Optical kerning option.

Do you need Trials of all our Typefaces? Fill in the form, be sure you are familiar with the Free Trial License and then you will receive the link to the ZIP package.

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If you would like to purchase any font please refer to the PDF specimens for further details. Important legal notes regarding purchasing can be found on this site. You can purchase any retail fonts via the Buy box at the bottom of the page.

  • The desktop version is delivered in OTF format.
  • The web version in WOFF, WOFF2 and EOT.
  • The app version comes in OTF and TTF.

The variable font is in TTF GX format, which includes only the weight axis at this moment. If you are purchasing Variable Family you will get 1 TTF GX file with Weight axis. If you are purchasing Variable Full Family you will get 2 TTF GX files (one for Uprights, one for Italics). At this moment only Dazzed typeface include 2 axis (weight, true italic) in one file. More axis coming soon.

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At this moment we offer these options to obtain our fonts. Alternatively, please contact us via email to communicate the license you would like to purchase. Please read the Licenses in PDF. Just the main thing we bring here for you, there is no way allowed to modify, edit, change, trade, share our fonts (IP).

Only for testing and sketching, please read the license and details for this section. So not for any public showcase only for your internal tests.

The retail fonts can be purchased with the Commercial License. Check the formats you will get here. If you need to do an upgrade, the link comes with each order.


  • DESKTOP — Offline usage such as all kinds of prints. Yes, you can use our fonts with this license for logos, logotypes, wordmarks, in fashion or merchandise, signage, wayfinding, for any static rasterized images or vector files (PDF, SVG, EPS, etc). Yes, you can edit, modify shapes but only of outlined fonts. Be aware there is no way to do any modification in font files (font software) with font editor by yourself or by any third party.
  • WEB — To cover usage on a website, you can purchase fonts only for one domain, including subdomains, for example: dev.yourdomain.xyz, test.yourdomain.xyz, shop.yourdomain.xyz, if you need to cover more domains please make another purchase order with relevant details. You have to purchase an amount which will cover monthly traffic of your website. The license is perpetual until the amount is not reached, then you have to do the upgrade for a higher amount.
  • APP — Best for mobile, tablet and any digital, screen device with build in application.


  • VIDEO — For broadcasting or streamed videos or any other video, cinematic usage.
  • DIGITAL ADS — HTML and @font-face for your Digital Ads, yes, with this license.
  • GRAND — Unlimited amounts and usage for brands.
  • EDIT — We do occasionaly edits of our retail library this comes with this license.
  • CUSTOM — We do custom (bespoke) typefaces, fonts.

Some fonts are available in Lab version for a reduced price. Often these fonts are  works in progress. These versions have a certain amount of characters. Please refer to the PDF specimen for further details. If you opt for this version you will receive fonts with the Commercial License. If there is the possibility of licensing you can purchase certain fonts via the Buy section at the bottom of the page.

Custom (Bespoke), Edits
Yes, we can create a bespoke typeface or an edit our retail typefaces.

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Terms & Conditions

The full wording of the Terms & Conditions can be found on this page. Thank you for respecting them. There you can read all about topics like Contract of Purchase, Claims code, Limitations, Warranty, Personal Data, Cookies, etc.

It is forbidden to upload our files on public accessible servers like GitHub, etc.!

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The Foundry supports students, independent artists and publishers. Feel free to get in touch regarding any font, discount or collaboration. We highly support companies with art, culture, social responsibility, sustainability, fair-trade and educational programs. Ask for a discount. We do custom editing of our typefaces. We develop bespoke typefaces also. We can offer on request language extensions like Cyrillic and Greek or Italics if they are not ready yet.

Thank you
Web coding & programming Tomáš Langer
Illustration on this page Václav Havlíček

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Job Offer

We are currently looking for a type designer/font engineer to join our team in Prague or remotely. We would want you to work on custom type projects and our retail collection.

We are an independent type foundry based in Prague. Language of communication would be English or Czech.

Required skills and experience:
•  Glyphs App
•  Font Production
•  Metrics & Kerning
•  Latin-2 support

Beneficial additional knowledge:
•  Sans-Serif & Serif typeface family mastering
(including true italics)
•  Other languages (Cyrillic, Greek)
•  Hinting
•  Variable fonts

•  Part or Full-time

E-mail applications only to

Ani Job


Do you interested in activate some alternates, ligature or any other opentype feature on your website via CSS? Please observe our online tester or PDF specimen which is related to typeface you selected and have a look e.g. here.

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