Selection of custom projects

  • Swix Carving

    Swix Carving
  • MLS Next Pro

    MLS Next Pro
  • RTL Sans Concept

    RTL Sans Concept
  • DoucheBags

  • Slavia

  • Hello Sans Concept

    Hello Sans Concept
  • BookBeat

  • Understood Sans

    Client: Understood ORG
    Commissioner, Design: Wolff Olins NYC
    6 weights, 12 styles

    Understood Sans
  • Pluto TV Sans

    Client: Pluto TV
    Commissioner, Design: DixonBaxi
    8 weights, 16 styles

    Pluto TV Sans
  • Bensch

    Client: Orco, CPI, Bubenská 1
    Commissioner, Design: Teodorik Menšl
    8 weights, 16 styles

  • Nexar

    Client: Nexar
    Commissioner, Design: Koto Studio
    8 weights, 16 styles

  • Magger, Recklegg

    Client: GHMP (Prague City Gallery)
    Commissioner, Design: Anymade Studio
    2 Sub-Families (each 6 weights, 12 styles)
    1 Typeface Family with 24 styles

    Magger, Recklegg
  • Roobert BOO

    Client: BOO
    Commissioner, Design: Rice
    6 weights

    Roobert BOO
  • Bomma

    Client: Glassworks Bomma
    Commissioner, Design: Studio Najbrt
    8 weights

  • Greed PLNSK

    Client: Polansky Gallery
    Commissioner, Design: Anymade Studio
    6 weights

    Greed PLNSK
  • Roobert MF

    Client: Moogfest
    Commissioner, Design: Anymade Studio
    6 weights

    Roobert MF
  • SCA Sans

    Client: SCA
    Commissioner, Design: Bold Scandinavia, Stockholm
    6 weights

    SCA Sans
  • Hellix NC

    Client: Newcastle
    Commissioner, Design: Bandstand
    8 weights

    Hellix NC
  • Sklonar

    Client: Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery
    Commissioner, Design: Studio Najbrt
    3 weights


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