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Free trial files contain fonts in a reduced version. This means you can sketch with latin upper & lower cases, numbers, basic punctuation and stylistic sets, but no kerning and only selected glyphs are available (the complete set will come with the Retail version).

This option allows you to test the fonts on your computer and integrate them into your own designs for non-commercial use.

Do you need Trials of all our Typefaces? Fill the form, and then you will receive the link on the ZIP package.

Full Testing
Oh yes, you can have it. An easy way, install Font Ninja and you can test our fonts via their app in any design software. They also have another tool, a browser extension which can help you recognize webfonts.



Please read what license for what usage you need. Read the full wording of all our licenses here. This summary covered all kind of usage; if you need some extra help, please reach us via Email.

Trial License
If you are going to download trial fonts, you have to accept our Trial License. The fonts are only for sketching. Not for public usage or presenting.

Standard Licenses
The retail or lab typefaces you can purchase with these commercial licenses.


  • For offline outputs, so all materials which you can produce on PC in desktop software.
  • Prints, posters, packaging, books, raster-based images or vector files.
  • Signage, wayfinding
  • Social static posts & stories
  • Logos, Logotypes, Wordmarks, yes but only for companies with a maximum of 50 employees.
  • Merch, yes but only for materials you won’t sale commercially.


  • For Online/Website usage
  • Hosted on own FPT/server only
  • @fontface only with WOFF, WOFF2 files


  • For applications driven on mobiles, tablets, computers or any other devices where fonts are integrated into the application.


  • For any video, motion footage, streaming or broadcast content with our fonts.
  • Social motion posts & stories

Digital Ads

  • Do you plan HTML5 digital ads using @fontface?

Extra Licenses
These licenses need to be consulted via email only.


  • If you want to build a logo with our typeface for a company with more than 50 employees, you need the Logo license.


  • If you want to commercially sale merchandise or 3D objects with our font, you need the Merch license.


  • Do you need to typeset your Ebook device or Ebook title with our typeface?


  • This is the best for a branding project. You will get unlimited usage for desire media.

Corporate Plus

  • You will get unlimited usage for desire media, plus the possibility to share fonts with company suppliers.

Exclusive Licenses
These licenses need to be consulted via email.


  • Yes, we modify (edit) our typeface collection. You will get the partly-exclusive license for your edited version and the Corporate Plus license in one.


  • If you need to develop a brand new bespoke typeface with an exclusive license.


If you would like to purchase any font, please refer to the PDF specimens for further details. Important legal notes regarding purchasing can be found on Legal site.

You can purchase any retail or lab fonts via the Buy box at the bottom of the detail page of the selected typeface.

  • The desktop, app, video licenses are delivered with OTF, TTF formats.
  • The web version comes with WOFF, WOFF2 formats
  • Variable fonts come with GX TTF, for web with WOFF, WOFF2 formats

Share Cart
Feel free to share the cart, for example, with your client via the button “Share” next to the Checkout button. Click and get the link you can send to anyone.

Buy for Anyone
Or, in the second step of purchase process, you are allowed to fill in the Licensee details. If you need to buy fonts for your client, go this way.

Variable fonts
All typeface we can offer you as a variable font with a weight axis. Please be aware that not all applications are ready to manage variable formats. The variable font is in the GX version, which usually includes only the weight axis at this moment.

  • If you want to purchase Variable “Family”, you will get one TTF GX file with a Weight axis.
  • If you are purchasing Variable “Full Family” package, you will get two TTF GX files with a Weight axis (one for Uprights, one for Italics).
  • More than two axis in one variable font file are available in Variable “Full Family All Axis” package.


How to install desktop fonts, OTF, TTF files?

  • Microsoft Windows OS: Double click on delivered files; the system will ask you to install the font software into “Fonts”.
  • Apple MAC OS: Double click on delivered files, system will ask you to install the font software into “FontBook”.
  • iPad, iPhone: With iFont app.

How to manage desktop fonts, OTF, TTF files?

Are you a professional designer?

How to install web fonts, WOFF, WOFF2 files?

Upload font files via your admin or on your FTP, then manage them via CSS @FontFace; here are instructions.

No Spreading
It is forbidden to upload and store our files on any publicly accessible servers like GitHub! Sending purchased font to anyone else, trading or distributing.

OpenType Features, General

  • Please refer to the PDF specimen or our online tester related to each typeface to learn what features are included in the desire typeface.
  • Please be aware not all applications (especially Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, etc.) are ready to handle certain opentype feature, if yes, this could be limited.

OpenType Features, Stylistic Sets (Alternates)

  • Please refer to the PDF specimen or our online tester related to each typeface to learn what number of the stylistic set is managing which alternate glyph.
  • Microsoft Word can not handle more than one stylistic set.

How to manage alternates on the web?

Via CSS @FontFace, here are instructions.

How long the license last?

All licenses are perpetual, one-time fees. Only what you need to care about is the traffic on the web. Once purchased traffic is increased, please make an upgrade.

Need upgrade?

Need more desktop users, or your traffic increased, click the link “Upgrade your order here” in the email “Ordered fons”. You can upgrade only purchased licenses. The price for an upgrade is calculated simply; the previously paid amount is take off from the new price of new amounts.

Web sub-domains?

Web license covers only one domain name, included all subdomains like dev, beta, live, support etc.

Where are my fonts?

  • Check your inbox, if the email is not there, please check all your spam or junk fodlers. Gmail has a lot of them.
  • Anyway, after purchasing, you will get green screen with the message “Thank you for your order…”. You will get the first email “New order” with confirmation of your order, if the payment wasn’t successful and you want to try it again, for example, with another method, you can click on the link in the email.
  • After successful payment, you will get the second email “Ordered fonts” with two links, with the first link, you can download the ZIP package with fonts, the invoice in PDF and licenses. The second link is for the invoice in PDF.

Wrong invoice details, I forgot to include VAT number?

I am sorry we are not able to change invoice details as the system is completely automated.

Forgot to include licensee details?

Send us them into our email.

Error in the fonts?

We are deeply sorry if you will find any glitch; please let us know your Order number, we are ready to fix it, or we will do a full refund.

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