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LicensE guide

All licenses are perpetual, one-time fees.
If you need to upgrade your purchased amounts, you can do so via the link you received with your order.

Standard Licenses

Retail or lab typefaces are available with the following commercial licenses.


Offline outputs & Social

  • All materials that can be created on a computer in desktop software
  • The licensee can share fonts with its contractors
  • Raster-based images or Vector files
  • Prints, Posters, Packaging, Books, Catalogues
  • Merchandising (Tshirts, Mugs, any objects)
  • Signage, Wayfinding, Architecture
  • Social (static Posts & Stories)
  • ePub, eBook
  • Static web banners
  • Storing the fonts on company servers or clouds
  • Outdoor advertising (billboards, transit, and street furniture advertising)

otf, ttf


Websites, web applications
& Digital Advertising

  • For 1 domain (with all related subdomains)
  • Hosting only on your own FTP server with @fontface technology
  • HTML5 digital ads using @fontface

woff, woff2


Mobile, Tablet, or
any remote device application

  • For use when fonts are integrated (embedded) into an application or game

otf, ttf



  • For any video, motion footage, streaming or broadcast content
  • Social (motion Posts & Stories)

otf, ttf



  • To use the font in a logo, logotype, wordmark or slogan

otf, ttf

Custom Licenses

These licenses need to be consulted via email only. See examples in Custom category.



  • Yes, we modify (edit) our typeface collection. Contact us for more information.

otf, ttf, woff, woff2


Brand new
from scratch

  • If you need to develop a brand new custom typeface with an exclusive license.
  • The best choice for large projects with the goal of visual originality! Contact us to learn more.

otf, ttf, woff, woff2

Trial License

Files for testing and non-commercial use.


Only for sketches and
inhouse presentations

  • This option allows you to test fonts on your computer and incorporate them into your own designs for non-commercial use. They are not intended for public use.


This overview covers common font usage; if you need some extra help, please reach us via email. You can read the full terms and conditions of all licenses here.

Full Trials

The free full trial fonts are identical to the full fonts, except that the word “TRIAL” appears in the name of each typeface family.

This option allows you to test fonts on your computer and integrate them into your own designs for non-commercial use. The full trial fonts are for sketching and internal presentations only. They are not intended for public use or display.

Download Free Full Trials

Displaay trials


Buying the license

If you would like to purchase any font, please refer to the PDF specimens for further details. Important legal notes regarding purchasing can be found on Legal page.

Any retail or lab fonts can be purchased via the Buy box at the bottom of the selected font details page.

Share Cart

You can share the cart with your clients using the “Share” button next to the checkout button. Click on it to get a link that you can send to anyone.

Buying onbehalf of somone else

In the second step of the ordering process, you can fill in licensee details If you need to buy fonts for your client on his behalf, go this way.

Variable fonts

We offer all our typefaces as variable fonts with one or more axis. Please be aware that not all applications are ready to manage variable formats correctly.

Complete Collection
All Uprights + Italics
More than two axis in one variable font file are available in this variable bundle package.
Uprights + Italics You will get 3 variable font files (labeled with VF or GX): 1st file for Uprights, 2nd file for Italics, 3rd file contains both axis.
Uprights You will get 1 variable file with a Weight axis



How to install OTF and TTF files?

Microsoft Windows OS: Double click on delivered files; the system will ask you to install the font software into “Fonts”. You can find out more in the tutorial here.

Apple MAC OS: Double click on delivered files, system will ask you to install the font software into “FontBook”. You can find out more in the tutorial here.

iPad, iPhone: With iFont app.

How do I manage fonts on my desktop?

We recommend using one of the following applications:

Can I use fonts in Google Docs?

Unfortunately, no. Google only supports Google Fonts.


How to install WOFF and WOFF2 files?

Upload the font files to FTP and manage them in CSS using @FontFace; here are the detailed instructions.

No Spreading

It is forbidden to upload and store our files on any publicly accessible servers like GitHub! Sending purchased font to anyone else, trading or distributing is also not allowed.

How to manage alternates or features on the web?

Via CSS @FontFace, here are instructions.

How many domains does the license cover?

The web license covers only one domain name including all its subdomains.

Need to upgrade your licences?

If you need to upgrade your licenses, click on the “Upgrade your order here” link in the “Ordered fons” email. However, you can only upgrade purchased licenses. You will only pay the price difference for the license change.


How long the license last?

All licenses are perpetual, one-time fees.

OpenType Features
  • You can find out what features are included in each font in the PDF specimen or in our online tester.
  • Please note that not all applications (especially Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, etc.) are ready to work with certain OpenType Features, if so, this may be limited.
Stylistic Sets (Alternative glyphs)
  • Each typeface contains different alternative glyphs. For a full list of alternatives, see the PDF speciment or our online tester.
  • Microsoft Word can not handle more than one stylistic set.
Can I insert fonts into Microsoft Office?
  • Yes, but only in read-only mode. If you need fonts to be editable, contact us to find out more.
Can I get a refund for my order?
  • All orders are non-refundable, unless for reasons described in our license agreements (e.g., a problem we are unable to resolve).


Where are my fonts?
  • Check your inbox, if email is not in it, check your junk or spam folders.
  • After purchase, a green screen will appear with the message “Thank you for your order…”. You will receive the first “New Order” email with your order confirmation. If the payment was not successful and you want to try again, for example in another way, you can click on the link in the email.
  • After successful payment you will receive a second “Ordered Fonts” email with two links. On the first link you can download the ZIP package with fonts, the PDF invoice and the license. The second link is for the PDF invoice.
Wrong invoice details or forgot to include VAT number?

We are sorry, but we cannot change the details on an already issued invoice as the system is fully automated.

Forgot to include licensee details?

Please send them to us by email and we will update your order.

Did you find a bug in a font?

Although we run several checks before releasing a typeface, it can happen. We apologize for this; let us know your order number and we will correct the fonts as soon as possible. If we cannot resolve the problem, we will offer you a refund.


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