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    The story of the typeface began when Marek was working on word-mark for fashion brand Ofform 3D. He made really nice lettering inspired by the fact of folding stripe of a textile fabric and we thought that would be also nice typeface. The typeface is mainly based on grid 7×5. Uppercases and lowercases have same height. It reflects future times, sci-fi, technology and modularity. Against the stem thickness stand thin lines which you can find in some glyphs or diacritic. Visit the micro-site dedicated to the typeface.

    Design: Marek Suchánek, Kristína Jandová, Martin Vácha
    Spacing, Kerning: Kristína Jandová
    First Kick: 11/2019
    1 weight, 2 styles


    Download PDF sheets with all details (samples with all weights and styles, opentype features, listed all characters & language support). You can print them. We recommend black and white laser printer.

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    1 Weights, 2 Styles
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