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Dazzed SemiBold

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    Dazzed is a sans-serif typeface with narrow proportions which started as a bespoke typeface for a cinematic project proposal. In the same way that all kinds of movies exist, Dazzed aims to comprise them in its overall look. You can see comic, grotesque, dramatic and quirky moments in “a, e, C, G” meeting technical, steel cold, action, crime and sci-fi shapes in “t, f, r” where the terminals are cut-off. Also these contrast with the classical forms of other letters. The dots are rounded for accents contrary punctuation is squared this leads to better recognition. Italics are in 18°, lower degrees on request.

    Design: Martin Vácha
    Spacing and Kerning: Alex Slobzheninov
    First Sketch: 8/2016, Released: 7/2019, Update: 11/2019
    7 weights, 14 styles


    Download PDF sheets with all details (samples with all weights and styles, opentype features, listed all characters & language support). You can print them. We recommend black and white laser printer.

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