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Reckless Neue

Reckless is a serif text font family with a renaissance (old-style) look and with a significantly elevated x-height. It was designed during an internship at the London University of Arts where I could study sources of serif renaissance fonts in both the UAL Saint Martins Library and the Monotype Library. The typeface includes numerous alternates.

Reckless is mainly inspired by Plantin, Plantin Infant (c. 1700 Robert Granjon, 1913 Frank Hinman Pierpont), all versions of Times, Times New Roman (1904 William Starling Burgess, 1931–1974 Stanley Morison, Victor Lardent) and all versions of Caslon (1722 William Calson).

Reckless Neue is a version with higher contrast, reorganized character set and new weights (Thin, Book).

Spacing and Kerning: Kaja Słojewska
Released: 6/2019
8 weights, 16 styles


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Reckless Neue
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