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The Greed typeface was originally created as bespoke typeface for Polansky Gallery, commissioned by Anymade Studio (Petr Cabalka & Filip Nerad). The typeface was named after short fictional commercial “Greed”, directed by Roman Polanski. The Greed is sans-serif typeface with narrow proportion. Glyphs include subtle elegant curves and higher contrast which brings to overall look unique character. Italics are in 14° angle.

Design Assistance: Tuan Vuong Trong, Kaja Słojewska
Spacing and Kerning: Kaja Słojewska
First Sketch: 1/2018,  First Kick: 7/2020 (v1.4),  Released: 10/2020 (v1.5)
6 weights, 12 styles

Pre-Release version available, ask via Email


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